We have 72 colours available to choose from to match your dream kitchen. Whether you are looking for a contemporary, modern kitchen or a more traditional style, we have something just right for you.

72 colours available

72 Colours Available

Having such a huge choice means that you can personalise the design to match the rest of your home. There will be parts of your kitchen that you won’t be changing. Our wide range means you will be able to match they style of these elements that will remain. Ultimately, the kitchen doors and drawer fronts need to pull the whole kitchen design together.

If you feel a little daunted by the options for updating your kitchen, you might want to discuss your project with our professionals who have years of experience. They can help you choose which kitchen cupboard doors and kitchen drawer fronts will work best for you and give you options to choose from. They can help you planning your dream kitchen and ensure that you make the right selections for your individual requirements.


Your dream kitchen

Bardela Kitchen Doors offers a wide range at very competitive prices, made to measure kitchen doors and drawer fronts as well as a commitment to the very best customer service. 72 colours available – see the details above. We have over 30 years of experience and many thousands of satisfied customers.

Why not contact us today to learn more about our replacement kitchen doors and drawer fronts. We can help you achieve your dream kitchen at a cost you won’t believe! and how we can take your dream of a new kitchen – and turn it into reality.